2nd Annual SKS Online Auction

We may have changed the timing, but the need is still there! Sharing Kailynn’s Sunshine Foundation is holding it’s 2nd Annual Online Auction here on Facebook! The auction will go live Friday, December 3, 2021!What we need from you are your generous donations of items once again.

Small business owner? Home based business? Side gig? Why not support a great foundation and let everyone know what you sell or make! No item is too big or too small! Board members will be personally sending out letters to those they know, but our followers can help out too! If you have someone in mind, or you are that person wanting to donate, please send us a message on our page, or contact a board member directly!

Last year we raised an amazing $7,930…..fingers crossed we will beat that amount! We will be sharing the sunshine with part of the proceeds being donated to @Scraps – MJ Cat Rescue (everyone knows how Kailynn loved her kitties!) and to purchase items for our upcoming development of “Sunshine Packs” (a further post will be made in the future regarding this amazing idea!)

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact any of our board members (you can find us all listed on our website www.sharingkailynnssunshine.ca)