Kailynn Jade Bursic-Panchuk was born August 21, 2001 in Regina, SK and lived life to the fullest. She lived a life that mattered.

Kailynn had charisma from the day she was born. As she grew, so did her charm. She was ALWAYS talking, to anyone who would listen! She was wise beyond her years, from a very early age, and able to carry on conversations easily and with whomever.

Kailynn’s confidence filled the room as much as her infectious smile and laughter. Her eyes sparkled. She would stand her ground, no matter who or what she was up against. If she believed in it, she would fight for it. Kailynn wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. She had plans for her future.

Injured in a train-vehicle collision in Weyburn, SK on August 16, 2018. Kailynn underwent emergency surgery in Regina. She was transported to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon where she fought for six days. 

Kailynn died on August 22, 2018, one day after her 17th birthday. 

Her last and most selfless wish was to become an organ donor.  She was able to give three (3) people a second chance at life with the harvesting of her kidneys and liver. 

Kailynn continues to be our ray of sunshine; our one in a million.