meet the minds behind the SKS foundation

The Board of Directors

Sandra LaRose

I am the mother of a son Michael, and my angel Kailynn, stepmother of 6, and wife. My husband and I live and farm near Tyvan, Saskatchewan. I currently am employed as an Office & Philanthropy Manager for Ignite Adult Learning Corporation. Since Kailynn’s passing in 2018, I have made it my mission to share Kailynn’s story, love, and compassion. I vowed to keep Kailynn’s legacy going so founded Sharing Kailynn’s Sunshine Foundation Inc.

Tammy Grieve

I am a mom of two wonderful children, wife to my husband of 24 years and a teacher. Kailynn and my daughter Hannah met in Grade 10 and they were inseparable! From the moment I met Kailynn I loved her energetic, charismatic personality. She immediately fit right in with our family. Losing Kailynn was devastating for our family but through that tragedy I met Sandra and I quickly discovered where Kailynn got her amazing personality. I am so happy to be part of this board and to keep spreading the joy that Kailynn brought to our family and to everyone around her.​

Andrea Moffat

I have known Sandi for many years and had the privilege of seeing the sunshine that radiated from her daughter Kailynn, I am so happy to join all of these wonderful women on our quest to share that sunshine. I currently work at Artistic Masonry & Stucco as an Office Administrator. In my spare time I work , usually for free with other non-profit organizations in the Regina area.

Sonja Goff

I am married and have a gorgeous daughter who was Kailynn’s sidekick being only 9 months apart in age. I am employed by the Federal Government. I am the aunt to Kailynn (and her older brother Michael) and I am Sandi’s sister who I am so very proud of. I am honoured to be part of this foundation in memory of my beautiful niece who is dearly loved and missed very much. I cannot wait to see all the many ways we plan to spread kindness and sunshine just like Kailynn would have done. I know she is shining down on us every day and her strong presence is proof that she is with us daily. Miss you Sunshine

Brenda Bitz

I am a wife and mother of 2 boys. I was born and raised in Regina. I am currently the Branch Manager of CWT Vacations in Regina. I am Kailynn's aunt and because I had no girls of my own, she was my person when I needed girl company. I am honoured to continue spreading her joy, laughter, and sunshine just as she would have.

Taryn Zielke

I am a Registered Nurse and first time mother to my own little girl. I've known Kailynn's mom for as long as I can remember and am the same age as Kailynn's older brother Michael. I first met Kailynn as a sweet little toddler when our mothers began spending almost every evening together alongside many memorable adventures. While we grew apart after Kailynn and her mom moved out of town they both have always been very close to my heart. I am honoured to work to help keep her legacy alive alongside her mother and the other members of the board.

Amanda LaRose

Kailynn came into my life when I was seven and she was five and she quickly became not only my little sister but also my best friend. Currently I am working as a Youth Care Worker. Being a part of this foundation makes me proud to be able to keep Kailynn’s memory alive and to honour her commitment to sharing kindness to all. ​

Danielle Langston

I feel privileged to be surrounded by a great group of women who have the desire to spread kindness as Kailynn did in her time on earth. Walking alongside my friend Sandi in her journey to keep Kailynn’s memory alive and doing the good she would have done is my pleasure. In addition to being a mom of three children (well….actually adults now) and wife, I have spent 26 years working for the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.

Hannah Grieve

I met Kailynn in math class in grade 10. Later, in that same math class, Kailynn and I were split up because we “distracted” each other. Kailynn was like the sister I never had. I feel so lucky to have known her. Kailynn’s love and kindness continues to inspire me daily. I look forward to working with Sharing Kailynn’s Sunshine and this amazing group of people to help spread this love and kindness. As well, I know Kailynn’s inspiration will help me with my studies at the University of Regina and my career as a social worker.

Angie Hicks

I never had the privilege to meet Kailynn, but, thanks to her incredible mom, I knew and loved her right away! Especially her heart. “Start from the heart” isn’t just my motto in business at Humanly Branding & Marketing. It’s how I live my life — as a human being, a singer and, most importantly, a mom. Kailynn, my new old friend, your sunshine lights our way, and what a JOY it is to help spread it!