Kailynn’s Birthday Bash Donation

Today was a day to celebrate! We celebrate the heart and soul behind Sharing Kailynn’s Sunshine Foundation. Today, myself (Kailynn’s mom) and Kailynn’s aunt Sonja Bursic Goff made the trek up to Saskatoon to deliver the amazing amount of donations that YOU all gave! Thank you just does not seem enough. We started the day off by stopping at the Regina Farmer’s Market for some additional sunshine to bring to the house from Wascana Florists. With a full to capacity Ford Escape, and huge grins on our faces and hearts full of love, we made it to Saskatoon. To say that Darlene Kruger and the staff at Ronald McDonald House Charities Saskatchewan were shocked is an understatement! From the donations for our RMHC Wishlist Drive, to the fundraiser within a fundraiser Tupperware party initiated by Cheryl Petryshyn (huge thanks!), and the 20 for $20 gift card collection, as well as numerous monetary donations sent directly to RMHC, it was an amazing 20th birthday bash honoring Kailynn. As Kailynn’s mom, my heart is full. This helps turn what could be an extremely hard to handle couple of days into something of pride and joy. Kailynn had a heart of gold and each and every one of you have shown that her heart of gold is now within all of your hearts of gold! There really are no words of thanks that can measure up to these gifts we delivered. RMHC is definitely the House that Love Built and you are all part of that house. The exact final “amount” that was donated is really quite hard to tally, but numbers that I can share with you are: Approximately $1600 in Tupperware products$400 in gift cards The monetary donations will be tallied at RMHC end and relayed to us And a heck of a lot of items, all so very much needed and appreciated!!!Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Kailynn is smiling down with pride!😇❤🌻